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An Inspired Collection of Photos Curated through Travel

When I used to travel, I never liked taking my camera. I felt it was a distraction from my experience. As time passed, I decided to take my camera with me more and more. I quickly found how relaxing and therapeutic taking photos of my travels is for me. Now I can’t imagine going on a trip without my camera.

The Beestone Print Shop offers a collection of photographs, all inspired and curated through my travels. It is my hope these photos inspire you in your own life.

The shop currently offers the following collections:

  • The Charleston Collection

  • The Harpers Ferry Collection

  • The Rome Collection

  • The Florence Collection

  • The Wildflower Collection

You'll find photos of wildlife, architecture, sculptures, shadows, and reflections; all taken from a unique perspective. All prints can be purchased and printed as a print, canvas, or a large format print.


Rachael Thompson


Self Portrait-16_edited_edited_edited_ed

Hi, thanks for stopping by!

​I am driven by creativity. Through my creativity, I want to bring you a fun and unique photo experience. I would be so honored to capture and document your most precious moments.
Precious moments happen every day. Graduating high school, getting engaged, moving into your first home, starting your own business, and meeting your baby for the first time are all moments that deserve to be captured and documented so that you can enjoy them for years to come. - Rachael

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