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Meet the face
behind the camera

I came up with the idea for Beestone Media back in 2016 while I was working as a video editor for a corporate company. One day, I found a bee charm in a shop. It came with a small piece of paper that read,

“According to laws of aerodynamics the bumblebee cannot fly;
Its body is too heavy for its wings and that’s the simple reason why.
But the bumblebee doesn’t know this fact, and so it flies anyway for all to see.
Remember this when you're losing faith or hope
God's proof that the impossible can be.”

It was a sign for me to move forward with Beestone.
A sign that I needed to believe in myself and my capabilities.

Well, life happens and Beestone stayed an idea for about four years. I did photography on the side when I could and mentioned Beestone here and there, but I got sidetracked and doubted that I could own a business on my own.

I would say everything changed in June 2020.

I experienced a seizure and as I took time to recover I was able to reflect on my life and what I wanted out of it. I became serious about making Beestone Media a reality. I got out my bee charm and placed it on my desk. An everyday reminder that “you’ve got this!”

I went full-time with Beestone in 2021.

My goal behind the lens is to be a “lifestyle photographer”. I want to capture your story, your most authentic self. So, instead of posing you, I will use prompts to capture true emotion.

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